Thursday, June 24, 2010

Italy - Day 2 (Part 1): Toscana Region

Strong architecture, evocative landscapes and soft red wines form an essential part of this region's appeal, and the cities of Firenze (Florence) have much to recommend them. The disntinctive Tuscan countryside has for centuries been a favourite haunt of travellers looking to escape the madding crowds of the cities. As glorious as its historic cities and artistic treasures may be, Tuscany's timeless landscape has long been a draw to visitors. 

In the Middle Ages, towers protected the wealthiest families in times of internal and external strife; today, they mark out some of Tuscany's oldest towns, catching the traveller's eye from afar. As many of Tuscany's medieval towns were built on hilltops, a climb to the top of a tower is usually rewarded with magnificent views over the town and the beautiful surrounding countryside.

Chef Express Motorway Restaurant

Torracchione Ristorante in Barberino del Mugello

Complimentary Bread

Tuscan Wine (quarter litre) - the best wine I've ever had

Pan-seared pork with porccinni mushroom

Grilled Pork Ribs


Smooth and creamy, yet low in calories! Hooray!

Panini / Italian sandwich

Assorted Panini


  1. Knowing you, the food there is haven, right?

  2. Claire:

    Very tasty and authentic! None of the local Italian restaurants can offer you with food which is so big on taste.

  3. "Joe" who is constantly craving:

    Our local ice-cream is mainly made up of cream which contains far too much calories. The making of Gelato uses most;y fresh ingredients like fruits. The smooth and creamy ice-cream is whipped from low-fat milk in a special machine which freezes the ice-cream till its desired temperature in just a short while.



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