Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tea at Caffe Ritazza, KLIA

Mum and I arrived in the Kuala Lumpur  International Airport 6 hours before the departure time. After checking in our luggage, mum was complaining of being hungry so I walked her to the main terminal for a simple snack. We glanced around but there was hardly much varieties of food around the main terminal. We didn't want to go to the satellite tower so soon as we had plenty of time to hang around before boarding the plane. We thus picked one of the cafes in KLIA and settled for a simple treat.

 What else would 'Tarts and Pies' eat if it wasn't for pastries?

Chocolate croissant

Cafe Macchiato

This is perfect for me! The chocolate filling simply oozed out from the crust when I took a small bite at the edge of the croissant.

Mum's order: Noodles in Chicken Soup

This was really average and the fishballs had turned sour. Yucks~


  1. hey mingna...come back from italy also changed the wardrobe huh... lol.. italian template too! ok, getting ready to see yr pics.. just now my son passed by and said,"hey, who went to italy?"... the picture on top looked familiar to

  2. Claire:

    Yes, that is Florence. I took the picture from Piazza Michelangelo. Now still busy arranging the pictures taken from 3 cameras. Mum and I had taken more than 1800 pictures so selecting the good ones will be a tough job.



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