Saturday, September 5, 2009

London Bridge is Falling Down...

London assumes the mantle of one of the world’s great cities with ease, crowning itself Napoleon-style by hosting its third Olympic games in 2012. 

It’s safe to say that London has not exuded so much confidence since the heady days of empire in the late 19th century, even despite the economic crisis that has seen the city’s status as the world’s pre-eminent financial centre take a wobble.

Tower Bridge
London has been called a ‘world in one city’ and that’s not just empty rhetoric. The brilliant feat carried off here is that while immigrants, the city’s life blood, continue to flow in and contribute their energy and cultures to the capital’s already spicy melting pot, London nevertheless feels quintessentially British, whether it’s those boxy black cabs, the red double deckers or those grand symbols of Britain – the mother of all parliaments at Westminster, the silhouette of Tower bridge above the muddy Thames or the already world-famous London Eye, barely a decade old.

The Big Ben
The London Eye

Westminster Abbey

Buckingham's Palace

St. Paul's Cathedral

Underground Station


Red Mailbox

Red Phone Booth

Grey Phone Booth

London Chinatown

Changing of the Guards


Don’t miss these essential sights of course, but equally ensure you partake in what really makes London great: a pint and a plate of fish n’ chips by the river, a day in the park or a night out in Soho or Shoreditch. Take a deep breath and prepare to fall in love with the British capital.. 

Quiche Lorraine from Paul's Pattiserie
Heaver's Castle

King Henry VII's Tavern

Having party in London

Electrical barbecue stove, with lamb chops, pork ribs
and drumsticks on the grill

They're done!

Range of mouth-watering desserts


Victoria Sponge

Angel Cake, Victoria Sponge and Egg Custard Tarts from Taipan, Croydon.

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