Sunday, September 13, 2009

Egg Tarts Journey No.3 - JOHN KING

John King is in Malaysia now. It is originally from Hong Kong and it has many outlets throughout Hong Kong. However, the name John King is not used in Hong Kong and one wonders why they need to change their name in Malaysia. John King offers a variety of egg tarts and pies. Their list of flavours ranges from the original egg custard with flaky pastry to some new innovation of taste with cookie pastry. John King has certainly opened up our eyes to the wonders of egg tarts, partiularly the egg tarts lovers, and I happen to be one of those who cheer for the arrival of John King in Malaysia.

The original egg custard with flaky pastry - the typical type of egg tarts that we use to have in Dim Sum restaurants.

An option for the weight-watchers as the egg white milk tart does not contain any yolk in its custard filling.

One of our favourites - Coffee Egg Tart. Its popularity is proven from the limited numbers available as eager buyers always snap them up once they are delivered from the oven.

Egg Tarts with a local twist - the Durian Tart!

Original flavour with cookie pastry.

Variety of egg tarts displayed in the glassy shelf, waiting to be taken away.

This fancy looking box is given when you purchase a minimum of four egg tarts.

My choice of the day - Original egg tart, Duriaan egg tart and capuccino egg tart.
All the tarts sold here are generally big on taste. Considering their wide variety of flavours and are still able to keep up with its standard, I must say that their egg tarts definitely worth a compliment. As for me, I particularly love their cookie pastry which is crumbly and fragrant when bitten into. Their flaky pastry may not be as good as those available in the Chinese traditional pastry shops such as Ipoh Choy Kee and KL Tong Kee.
John King Egg Tarts
LG floor, Food Republic
The Pavillion

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