Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dim Sum Experience in Betong

Arrived in Betong as early as 9 am. There wasn't any crowd and crossing the border was far more pleasant than usual. We went straight to the dim sum joint to savour the dim sum in Betong. Initially we intended to eat at "Tai See Hee" but all the baskets were taken by a group of Malaysians who arrived 5 minutes earlier than us. We were not that bad luck after all when the kind owner of the shop guided us to another shop located a few rows down the street. We were indeed surprised to see the politeness and unselfishness of the Thailand born Chinese owner as he is willing to share business with the others. Malaysians should be sent back to schools to learn moral values again.

Variety of Dim Sum offered by the shop. They looked more or less the same as the typical dim sum that we use to have in Malaysia.

Fish maw soup with quail eggs.
Steamed chicken feet

Prawn Dumpling with translucent skin

Minced Pork wrapped in Chee Cheong Fun

Mini Char Siew Buns

The taste of the Dim Sum wasn't really inviting as most of them tasted flat the moment you bite into it. The texture of the wraps were not worthy of a compliment too as some appeared to be rather chewy while the others were soggy. However, the shop did not charge a high fare on their food and that was the only thing that made the Dim Sum shop worth visiting again if one runs out of choice in Betong.

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