Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Truly Hainanese Fare - Yut Kee Coffee Shop

One of the very few coffee shops selling old-fashioned Hainanese food in town is known as Yut Kee. This shop has gained a very high reputation over the decades as the taste of their food is so well-preserved. It is so highly acclaimed that even the old timers would think of this shop when Hainanese food is concerned. This shop is definitely not a stranger to the city folks. At the same time, the frequent mention of the shop by various bloggers has made Malaysian food lovers from all over the country to be aware of the existence of this shop. This is well proven as they are so familiar with the specialties of the shop even though they haven't patronized the shop before.

They signature item is off course a very authentic Hainanese dish that you probably can't get it else where (except for Penang but with a different style) - Roti Babi. It is a toast with strips of pork and onions encased in an ordinary bread dough and is deep fried in oil till a crispy crust is formed. Diners are advisable to try this dish before it disappears from the menu as health-conscious people are seen rejecting this dish for it is actually quite greasy.

Another items which worth a mention are their butter cake and Swiss roll. The cake has a rich butter aroma plus a fine and moist texture. It tastes so original. Meanwhile, the Swiss roll stands out too for the difference between this and those available in bakeries. It is made of the usual sponge cake. Instead, they sandwich the eggy sponge cake (or better known as 'kai dan koh') with their homemade kaya.

You will never miss this place wen you drive along Jalan Dang Wangi for there is always a crowd waiting in front of their shop. Do not be scared away by this as their service is fast. The food often arrives piping hot on your table at summer lightning speed and leaves me ponder whether the food is prepared ahead and merely reheated in the microwave oven before they are served.

The success of the shop lies mainly on the efficiency of their boss who can handle a heavy flow of the customers yet remain calm and cool without offending anyone of them. He even has time to chat with the customers while packing the cakes for them. I must say that this shop has a very good management and their employees are generally well trained and well mannered.

Yut Kee Coffee Shop (Kedai Makan Yut Kee)
Jalan Dang Wangi
Kuala Lumpur.
(Near Sogo Shopping Complex)

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  1. here is somewhere i always want to come... for their roti babi!!!



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