Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kampung Simee's Egg Tarts! (The Best in Malaysia)

Look for the signboard when you enter the market. It is not difficult to locate their stall as it is always surrounded by customers.

This photo shows you how fast and efficient the lady boss is. Customers normally snap up their products pretty fast, particularly their famous egg tarts .

A batch of freshly delivered egg tarts.

Good tarts are meant to be savoured while they are still hot.

The best companion while enjoying the tarts - a cup of steaming coffee.

Choy Kee's egg tarts and Ipoh white coffee seem to be inseparable as they are the most perfect match made in heaven.

Another good treat from the stall - the Chicken Pie.

The quality of their tarts are so consistent and they never disappoint me since the first day I patronised the stall.

Simee Choy Kee's Pastry Stall

Kampung Simee


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