Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Indonesian Cuisine

Went to Surabaya last month to attend a seminar but didn't visit any tourist attractions as I had to rush back for in-house training. The organising manager took me to many restaurants to savour Indonesian cuisine but I daren't take any pictures of the food as he might not share my interest for food blogging. I only managed to capture 2 pictures when the manager left the table to answer a call.

The name of the restaurant and food simply did not register in my mind, therefore I can't provide any names to this lavish looking dish. Anyway, he insisted that I should try this or my trip to Surabaya would not be considered perfect. The presentation was fine but the taste was hardly acceptable. I acually saw the others (the local) enjoying eating this dish but I found the taste to be rather weird.

The noodle set was ordered by the manager. To me, this looked far better than my own set of meal but I was assured by him that mine was the most popular dish in the restaurant.

A day before we returned to Malaysia, we received a phone call from AirAsia saying that our flight had been rescheduled to late evening. Since we did not have to leave for Juana Airport the next morning, we decided to visit something extraordinary. We proceeded to Mount Bromo to view the spectacular sunrise.

The 4-star Singgasana Hotel

Goodbye, Surabaya.

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