Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to Daddy!

The whole family came back to Ipoh to celebrate Daddy's birthday. As it was the last day of the year, we didn't manage to get any tables at East Ocean Restaurant. Ken wanted to try something exotic so Kel suggested Unique Seafood Restaurant in Tambun which serves imported seafood. To our surprise, the restaurant was not fully occupied on that day and we waited for merely 15 minutes for our first dish to arrive.

The first dish was Five Treasure Platter

Plump, succulent and juicy oyster

I do not like the cheese-baked version because the smell of cheese was so strong that it overshadowed the taste of oyster.

The abalone set was on promotion so each of us got one set of this.

We were attracted by the huge spider crabs in the aquarium. Since we had never tasted this creature before, we decided to pamper ourselves tonight. We asked for a medium sized crustacean which weighed 1.8 kg.


and after...

Wicked steam rising, the crabs were thickly coated with a lip-blistering stock that was made just down the road. The aroma erupts. Glasses of wine. Busy hands. Shells all over the table. Squeals of delight. The thrill of finding the most efficient way to extract the largest clumps of sweet, fatty, ambrosial shellfish. Absolute heaven! We could sit there forever, our mouths tingling, our appetite  was unconditionally provoked.

We ended our feast with a simple yet elegant-looking cake.


  1. hey Mingna... how much was this set? can u please tell me? we tot of going but must know the price before we do..
    and where did u get such a fabulous cake? own made? :)

  2. Claire:

    The total for all the above is RM997 inclusive of 5% government tax. Actually, there was another dish which I didn't capture - Sau Meen (longevity noodles). Birthday mah...

    The spider crab tastes marvellous! Must try...
    Regarding the cake...... I made ........ my way to Baker's Cottage in the afternoon to grab this promotional item. RM27.20 only... Hahaha

  3. The spider crabs looks so huge and meaty. I haven't get a chance to try this type of crab yet.



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