Monday, January 11, 2010

Start the 'balls' rolling ....

Fish ball is commonly available at street hawker stalls in Hong Kong. There are two kinds of fish balls in Hong Kong. One is smaller in size, yellow in colour, usually made with cheaper meat, and is sold on a bamboo skewer with five to seven fish balls. These type of fish balls are usually sold at food stalls. There are many stalls which support themselves just by selling this kind of fish ball, similar to hot dog stands in the United States. The fish balls can be either spicy (often called curry fish ball) or not. It is one of the most popular and representative "street foods" of Hong Kong.

Curry Fish Balls

The other kind is bigger in size, white in colour, made with more costly fish meat, and has a considerably different texture and taste. This kind of fish ball is usually eaten with noodles at restaurants, and at some Hong Kong style coffee shops, which also provide crab ball and cuttlefish ball. Readily available in traditional market and supermarket, the fish ball is also a popular ingredient for hot pot.

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