Wednesday, March 30, 2011

HK/Macau 2011 - Michelin-starred street food

Enjoying world-class food at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Hong Kong can be so affordable. Giving you the pleasure of eating, this place provides you with the most down-to-earth dining ambiance, along with an eye-opening experience of squeezing through the typically overcrowded restaurant. Over here, you hear nothing but words of praise and faces of contentment among the peasants who are treated to a truly five-star Chinese cuisine.

Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum restaurant @ Mongkok

Prawn dumplings

Ma Lai Koh

Chives and turnip dumplings

Steamed rice rolls

Baked Char Siew Pau (a must-try)

Ham Sui Kok

Braised large octopus, duck gizzard and fallopian tube

Snack your way in Hong Kong

Curried fishballs

A wide array of exotic food

Deep-fried large intestines

Stinky beancurd

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

HK/Macau 2011 - 'Eat' your heart out!

Macau is known for its huge varieties of local delicacies. Never leave Macau without getting yourself a box of Almond cookies and Portuguese egg tarts for they are probably the best in the world.
The Ruins of St. Paul's

The former red light district of Macau

Pastelaria Koi Kee

Almond cookies

Pastel de nata a.k.a Portuguese egg tarts

Portuguese Egg Tart @ MOP 7

Coffee and tea

A simple breakfast set

Macanese Pork Chop Bun

Golden Coin Biscuits @ MOP10 per packet

Thursday, March 24, 2011

HK/Macau 2011 - We missed our flight!

Never had I ever imagined myself being ‘granted’ the opportunity to experience one of the most unfortunate stories commonly takes place in the airport – missing a flight. We, five in a family, had arrived in the airport two hours in advance, somehow didn’t make it in time for our flight. On that remarkable day, we missed our flight because of long lines. The drop off area at Kuala Lumpur Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) airport was overflowing with passengers waiting to stamp their passports. The malfunctioned e-gates, the shortage of custom officials, the exceptionally huge lines … … had led to a painful lesson for 16 passengers, including my whole family.

Needless to say, despite pleading with the airport staff and yelling like maniacs at the top of our lungs, we didn’t manage to gain entry to the aircraft but to watch it leave with 16 untaken seats. Having gotten up from the wrong side of the bed, we were forced to fork out an astronomical price for the tickets to catch the next flight to Macau. There, with much frustration, sad, regret and heartache, was another 6 hours of waiting.

Consequently, instead of arriving in Macau for breakfast, we landed at 4.10 in the afternoon!

The Ruins of St. Paul's

The Central Post Office

The Municipal Council

The Holy House of Mercy

Estabelecimento de Bebidas E. Comidas Café

Steamed egg custard with lotus seeds

Steamed egg custard

Double-skin milk pudding

Steamed Ginger Egg Custard

Shark's fin soup

Shark's fin soup with rice (yu chi lou fan... hahaha)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Visiting Hong Kong and Macau again!!!

Dear all,

Pam and family are leaving for Macau and Hong Kong tonight. Will be back on 20th March (Wednesday). Happy holidays to all!

Warmest regards,

14th March 2011
6.23 p.m.

Friday, March 11, 2011

A Legendary English Restaurant

Suffolk House, one of its most important colonial heritage landmarks in Penang, is also known as Penang’s first Great House. It is a stunning example of an Anglo-Indian garden house.

The 200-year-old building, together with its garden, portrays a stylish décor and picturesque lawn, while its restaurant being richly decorated with period furnishing. Throughout the year, Suffolk House caters for social and corporate functions and events, in spite of its prominent status as a top choice for English Afternoon Tea in Georgetown.

Apart from that, Suffolk House is also the winner of the Award of Distinction in the 2008 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation.

Suffolk House

Outdoor pre-wedding photo shooting (not me hah...)

A chandelier poised on the high ceiling, its glow mirrored on the marble floors.

Dining in the garden

An elegant table setting

The menu

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee @ RM9.00

A mild, slightly tart and flavourful coffee.

Morgentau - green tea infused with citrus-mango flavour

Half an English Afternoon Tea Set @ RM32++
inclusive of 2 slices of cucumber sandwich, 1 slice of salmon sandwich, 1 chicken pie, 2 scones, 1 piece of chocolate cake, 1 cream puff and 2 slices of cookies.
(I requested for an addition of scones @ RM8.00 for 3)

Butter, clotted cream and a variety of jam & chutney.

A sinless indulgence moment

Suffolk House Restaurant
Suffolk House
250 Jalan Air Itam
10460 Penang

Tel : 04 2283930

Business Hour :
Lunch from 12 noon – 3pm
Tea from 2.30pm – 6pm
Dinner from 7pm – 11pm

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Set Lunch Promotion @ Secret Recipe

Let's find out more about Secret Recipe's latest lunch promotion which is quite value for money. At only RM15.00 ++, the lunch set comprises a main course of your choice and a glass of iced lemon tea.

Espresso @ RM5.50 & Iced Lemon Tea

Fried rice with satay @ RM15.00

Lava Cake @ RM7.00
*** Sorry for the poor quality of the photos because the camera battery went flat. I therefore had to resort to using my 'lau-yah' Sony Ericsson cell phone.


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