Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eat, Pie, Love!

Thinking about pies. Crazy about pies. No matter the crust, filling, or flavour, all I want is a piece of the pie. The question is: Am I doing all I can to get my share of the pie?

As a pie eater, I never hesitate to take my slice, the more the better. Waiting to be served, waiting to take a bite. It never occurs to me to question if I deserve the pie. By the way, I have faith in myself that the answer is always a resounding yes! I know how to tackle life with confidence and enthusiasm, pie is something life has to offer me. I know just how to help myself to pie with a heaping scoop of self-entitlement. Can you see what kind of pie eater I am?

In short, my pie philosophy is simple: If you want a pie, go for it!

Eat, Pie, Love ~~~

Espresso @ RM5.50

Black Pepper Lamb Pie @ RM6.90

Cappuccino Cheesecake @ RM6.50

Secret Recipe
1st Floor, Kinta City Shopping Centre


  1. this is the 2nd time i read about secret recipe tonight.. thumbs up for their desserts!

  2. Claire:

    I always prefer their cakes to other cafes...



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