Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lost in the midst of time ......

Sitigun's coffee, with its distinct taste and aroma, has a special significance on my life. I expounded upon how I am a coffee person above all things in all my previous posts, thus if you happen to be cut from the same cloth as I, you will know why I am here. This is one of those places you don't feel like a creepy loser for walking into by yourself, grabbing a cuppa and hanging out for a while doing nothing. It's most relaxing and mellow in the early morning when nobody is in a rush and there is pretty much to see when you choose to be seated near the side door while watching the world go by. Certainly, the coffee here has complemented my looks and this, has definitely made others envious of me. Today, today and today, I don't recall who I am and why I am here, cause we both (Sitigun & I), are lost in the midst of time.

Double shot espresso @ RM4.80

Sitigun's signature pastry - soft and fluffy croissant @ RM4.20

Life... is nothing but wonderful
Sitigun Coffee House
15 - 17 Nagore Road
10050 Penang
Tel: 04-2287108


  1. i like their satay, its only available for every weekend evening.

  2. Never been there before..cos not my cup of tea ma.. hahaha...
    hey Pam, where to get the best egg tarts in Penang again?

  3. gill gill:

    Thanks for the info... will try their satay next time.


    Best egg tarts in Penang. Hmm... should be 'Ming Xiang Tai' (Trishaw Egg tart) at Burma Road. Opposite Little Cottage, Tune Hotel and Swatow Lane.



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