Monday, March 7, 2011

In the name of passion, I've risked disappointment.

If I'd had any way of knowing that the food here were - as my dad used to say - going to get a whole lot worse before they got worse, I'm not sure how far I would have kept a distance from this overrated shop which I mistakenly thought to be the cream of the crop. The fact is, I had become addicted to famous shops and restaurants which often hardly guarantee food with a good quality. Still, despite all this, exploring new food is the great true love of my life.

One fine morning, I was standing at this side lane with my two old folks, who are equally good at anticipating adventurous food trail, giving my second try on their highly-acclaimed toast and coffee. The conclusion of our experiment: Disappointment is always inevitable.

Toh Soon Cafe @ Campbell Street

Kopi O kosong KAW

Milk coffee

Half-boiled egg

Kaya and butter toast

Coffee toast

Nasi Lemak
Toh Soon Cafe
Campbell Road


  1. The eggs and toast are so fabulous!

  2. Claire:

    Ipoh Sin Yoon Loong Coffee shop serves better toast and coffee than this. Wonder how this shop manage to win the heart of the diners???



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