Monday, September 28, 2009

Western Cuisine from Yeolde English Restaurant

It's dinner time! Initially we wanted to eat at a Chinese restaurant but almost all major restaurants were occupied, mostly wedding dinner. Looks like eating at a cafe is the most sensible choice we could make. We arrived at Beacon Point but didn't get to enter the restaurant as it was so packed with diners. Our stomach was growling, so the nearest cafe would be those located behind Kinta City. Without further delay, we drove straight to Yeolde English.

The Children Set comes with chicken wings, nuggets, sausages and a glass of juice. I found that one of the items in the set is not so suitable for children, the chicken wings. This is proven because Howard had a tough time staring at the wings without any ideas on how to eat it up.

Chicken Maryland - The most commonly ordered chicken chop among diners. The whole drumstick was coated with a thick layer of breadcrumbs and deep-fried till crispy.

Young Coconut

Roast Lamb - the set comes with wedges, corn cob and florets of broccoli. This dish doesn't look tantalising and it actually tastes horrible!

This is perhaps one of the most ordinary chicken chop which you can get from all cafes out there. The piece of chicken was simply grilled and served with mushroom gravy. Worth paying more than 13 bucks for this? You decide on it.
Yeolde English
Medan Baru Ipoh
(Behind Jaya Jusco Ipoh)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Extra Large 'Dish' from Takahashi

Takahashi Cafe (Japanese and Italian Fusion Cuisine) - a new innovation of Japanese cuisine.

Miso Soup

Chawan Mushi

Chicken Katsu Curry Don

Oyako Spaghetti

Takahashi Cafe,
Kinta City Shopping Centre (Jaya Jusco)

Friday, September 25, 2009

English Afternoon Tea at Winter Warmers

After spending several hours from shops to shops, I'd decided to call it a day. After all, I really couldn't remember how many times my card had been swiped in just a day. It's close to 2:30 and my stomach started growling. It had been more than 8 hours since I had my very light breakfast at home. I walked myself to the Boulevard of Gurney Plaza and found this eatery. It has a rather artistic name - The Winter Warmers. I walked into the eatery and was pretty amazed with the its decor. It resembles some typical British family restaurant. Oh... how much I miss London....
I got myself a seat next to the window and started flipping the pages. Without second thought, I ordered the English Afternoon Tea Set for One. RM15.90 is a reasonable price. The set comes with a iece of Blueberry cake, A freshly-baked scone, a small portion of club sandwich, 2 pieces of cookies and slices of cut fruits. The combination is a comfortable one as it is served with a cup of tea-of-your-choice. I prefer to have my pastries with a cup of coffee instead of tea so I replaced it with a cup of Latte. Of all the pastries, the scone tasted the best. It's crispy on the outside while the inside was soft and fluffy. Too bad clotted cream is not provided in the set so I could only spread some strawberry jam and butter onto my scone.
The food is only average but the ambience has complemented it. Eating in such a cosy restaurant is indeed a precious experience.
Winter Warmers
Gurney Walk (The Boulevard)
Gurney Plaza

Thursday, September 24, 2009

East Ocean Restaurant (revisit)

My family and I went to this restaurant again to try their signature dishes. The first dish was Braised Abalone with fish maw and scallop. The abalone was braised to perfection and the meat was so tender.

We ordered the "Four Treasure" platter but it was really disappointing. First, the dish was not presentable. Second, the colour of the four varieties is almost monotonous. Third, three quarter of the platter were deep-fried items. Daddy said he would not consider this dish again in our next visit.

We choose to have our crab served with braised glutinous rice and the combination really works. When the crab is placed on top of the braised glutinuous rice and steamed together, the essence from the crab's meat sips into the rice. The flavour of the crab has incorporated into the rice and every spoonful of the rice is a very satisfying experience. The crab meat is so succulent and juicy. We are pretty sure that the two crabs are fresh. We will surely come back for this.

Take a closer look... it looks so appetising.

We also ordered the mini Jumping Buddha as Mummy missed the dish so much. The soup is mild yet flavourful. You can choose to have it served in an individual portion or in a big bowl. This time, we have chosen the latter and we enjoyed ourselves so much by taking turns to fish out the ingredients from the bowl.

East Ocean Restaurant,
Ipoh Garden South

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Truly Hainanese Fare - Yut Kee Coffee Shop

One of the very few coffee shops selling old-fashioned Hainanese food in town is known as Yut Kee. This shop has gained a very high reputation over the decades as the taste of their food is so well-preserved. It is so highly acclaimed that even the old timers would think of this shop when Hainanese food is concerned. This shop is definitely not a stranger to the city folks. At the same time, the frequent mention of the shop by various bloggers has made Malaysian food lovers from all over the country to be aware of the existence of this shop. This is well proven as they are so familiar with the specialties of the shop even though they haven't patronized the shop before.

They signature item is off course a very authentic Hainanese dish that you probably can't get it else where (except for Penang but with a different style) - Roti Babi. It is a toast with strips of pork and onions encased in an ordinary bread dough and is deep fried in oil till a crispy crust is formed. Diners are advisable to try this dish before it disappears from the menu as health-conscious people are seen rejecting this dish for it is actually quite greasy.

Another items which worth a mention are their butter cake and Swiss roll. The cake has a rich butter aroma plus a fine and moist texture. It tastes so original. Meanwhile, the Swiss roll stands out too for the difference between this and those available in bakeries. It is made of the usual sponge cake. Instead, they sandwich the eggy sponge cake (or better known as 'kai dan koh') with their homemade kaya.

You will never miss this place wen you drive along Jalan Dang Wangi for there is always a crowd waiting in front of their shop. Do not be scared away by this as their service is fast. The food often arrives piping hot on your table at summer lightning speed and leaves me ponder whether the food is prepared ahead and merely reheated in the microwave oven before they are served.

The success of the shop lies mainly on the efficiency of their boss who can handle a heavy flow of the customers yet remain calm and cool without offending anyone of them. He even has time to chat with the customers while packing the cakes for them. I must say that this shop has a very good management and their employees are generally well trained and well mannered.

Yut Kee Coffee Shop (Kedai Makan Yut Kee)
Jalan Dang Wangi
Kuala Lumpur.
(Near Sogo Shopping Complex)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Authentic Hong Kong Breakfast Set from Kim Gary

Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant
The Breakfast Menu features 7 sets of breakast range from simple sandwiches, French toast to a more hearty choice such as the American Breakfast and Nissin Noodle Set.

Each breakfast set comes with either a cup of tea or coffee. You have a choice between cold and hot version of these drinks. The coffee served here is better known as Honolulu Coffee originated from the special coffee blend of Honolulu Cafe in Hong Kong. The coffee is flavoured with evaporated milk and this produces a silky smooth taste which is very pleasant to the palate.
The french toast from Kim Gary definitely deserves a compliment as it is crispy on the outside but fluffy in the inside. You hardly develop a feeling of guilt upon tucking in this item as it is surprisingly not oily at all.
The American Breakfast set comes with two fried eggs, two sausages, a piece of ham and a spoonful of baked beans. The taste of this item is quite the same as the others out there.
The Macaroni and Ham set has a companient of two fried eggs and two slice of toast sandwiched with butter.
Kim Gary Hong Kong Restaurant
The Boulevard,
Mid Valley Megamall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
Kuala Lumpur.


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