Monday, September 28, 2009

Western Cuisine from Yeolde English Restaurant

It's dinner time! Initially we wanted to eat at a Chinese restaurant but almost all major restaurants were occupied, mostly wedding dinner. Looks like eating at a cafe is the most sensible choice we could make. We arrived at Beacon Point but didn't get to enter the restaurant as it was so packed with diners. Our stomach was growling, so the nearest cafe would be those located behind Kinta City. Without further delay, we drove straight to Yeolde English.

The Children Set comes with chicken wings, nuggets, sausages and a glass of juice. I found that one of the items in the set is not so suitable for children, the chicken wings. This is proven because Howard had a tough time staring at the wings without any ideas on how to eat it up.

Chicken Maryland - The most commonly ordered chicken chop among diners. The whole drumstick was coated with a thick layer of breadcrumbs and deep-fried till crispy.

Young Coconut

Roast Lamb - the set comes with wedges, corn cob and florets of broccoli. This dish doesn't look tantalising and it actually tastes horrible!

This is perhaps one of the most ordinary chicken chop which you can get from all cafes out there. The piece of chicken was simply grilled and served with mushroom gravy. Worth paying more than 13 bucks for this? You decide on it.
Yeolde English
Medan Baru Ipoh
(Behind Jaya Jusco Ipoh)


  1. the food is mediocre there, i think the one behind it, Olivenz Cafe is much better

  2. too bad it wasn't as tasty as it looks...

    LOL. I agree, how do younger kids eat chicken wings with bones and all...

    and it's funny to see whole coconut drinks in western eateries.



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