Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dine at Mr BBQ

What reminds you of Taiping? The Lake Garden? The first prison? Or the 'tasty' yet 'exotic' food in Taiping?
How exotic?
To name a few:
1. Fried Kuetiau (imagine Wat Tan Hor without egg gravy)
2. Popiah (imagine tucking in a mouthful of beansprout and french beans wrapped in thin, flat & soggy popiah skin)
3. Chee Cheong Fun (imagine rough and broad pieces of kuetiau passing through your throat)
4. Won Ton Noodles (imagine the darker than the darkest oily strand of noodles being served with rubbery-textured Wontons)
Just wonder why the silly Ipoh folks who are blessed with so much of wonderful food in their homeland would like to torture their stomach by eating all these? Even tourists keep flocking in just to try the 'highly acclaimed' Taiping food! OMG!
I'm not being bias. I was born in Ipoh but bred in Taiping. I grew up with Taiping's food. Until today, I still fail to convince myself that those inedible food actually taste heavenly. The reason is simple: There is no good food in Taiping at all!
To all Ipohans, please don't waste your precious time to come all the way for these lousy food. You are damaging your taste buds. Besides, your frequent visit will only give the wrong idea to those silly hawkers that they are serving the best food in the world. Look at the food in our homeland - Ipoh, it is 100 times better yet you don't seem to realise that.
Recently, my colleagues had been talking about this restaurant - Mr BBQ. They said that the food is so good that even Hong Kong artiste Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong patronised the eatery during their secret visit to Taiping. They urged me to give it a try and they assured me that I would be surprised by the excellent taste of the food.
Well... in order to support my hypothesis, I made a trip there one evening.
I saw a huge crowd the moment I arrived. Managed to grab a seat and ordered a few simple dishes. It's not fair to judge the quality of the food from too complicated dishes.

The food which I ordered: Kung Po Chicken, stir-fried lotus roots and brasied beancurd with eggysauce.

Rating: Tastewise: 4/10 Presentation: 3/10 Price: Reasonable

Mr BBQ, Jalan Maharajalela, Taiping

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