Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Once upon a Croissant...

Good morning! It's time for brekky... Thinking of what to eat, I sniffed around the kitchen...
Apparently, my kitchen had run out of stock again.
A lazy mind with an empty tummy was almost starved to death...
Thought of skipping breakfast so I started flipping the pages of the bi-monthly magazine.
Guess what? I saw this ad on the first page...

"Starbucks's Breakfast"
A golden brown croissant toasted to perfection
Butter + Jam + Croissant = Inseparable

A cup of freshly brewed Americano paired with a warm and buttery croissant is considered a hearty meal for a small eater like me. Yummy... yummy...

Starbucks Coffee
Ipoh Parade


  1. Si Tigun serves very good croissant and coffee too as breakfast set.

  2. Hi swing in from renaclair's blog to say hello.
    Like the header in your blog, so colourful.

  3. Cariso:

    Thank you for the info...
    but may I be so bold as to ask where Si Tigun is?

  4. Interesting blog. Yes, agree that your header is very nice.



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