Sunday, October 25, 2009

Won Ton Noodles to die for in Bercham

Bercham is one of the fast developing areas in Ipoh. Bercham is known for its good food namely seafood noodles, 'toong fun crab', claypot chicken rice etc. However, there are many humble vendors selling tasty food around the corner, remain unknown to many, like... this one...This is my favourite won ton noodles stall in Bercham.
This stall is run by a couple from Selama (a border town to Kedah).
Most of the wonton noodle in town is factory-made, thus it makes no difference in terms of the noodles texture regardless of where you eat it.
The noodle of this stall is made in a home factory and it tastes more eggy and springy.

Plump prawn wonton in clear chicken stock
Every strand of noodles is tossed with the right amount of dark soy sauce.

Tai Kong Coffee Shop
Lorong 8, Bercham, Ipoh.


  1. my goodness... lorong 8, where is it, where is it? i wanna try la.. your wanton pictures sure looks very attractive... is it near maybank?

  2. Before the Bercham market moved into the present premise, it was located along Lorong 8.

  3. wow...look at the way he toasts the noodle ~
    impressive!! ^_^

  4. Lorong 8! Will take note of that, thanks!



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