Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Captivating Sceneries in Europe

When I changed the header of my blog, one of my colleagues complimented me on the new header. She is a nature lover, and she enjoys taking pictures of green and nature. On the contrary, I am more interested in buildings and places. The picture in the new header was taken in Paris 2 years ago. When I flipped the album, I noticed that I had actually taken quite a number of pictures featuring some breathtaking sceneries throughout Europe. Here, I have selected a few captivating ones to be shared with all of you.

Engelberg, Switzerland

Dorfstrasse, Switzerland

Titlis, Switzerland

Titlis, Switzerland

Mulhouse, France

Black Forest, Germany

Schwazwalder, Germany

Sevenoaks district of Kent, England

Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's your first birthday!

Tarts and Pies is ONE year old now! Yippee!
Born on 29 August 2009, Tarts and Pies has gone through the metamorphosis of blogging - from a cocoon, a butterfly should emerge. As the owner of this blog, I am so incredibly proud of you, my beautiful baby, for I have witnessed your growth and we have shared our good times together. The first birthday is very meaningful and important so I am going to give my blog (myself?) a nice treat - EGG TARTS!

The most famous Kampung Simee (Choy Kee) egg tarts

Ming Na's philosophy:
Pair the best Egg Tarts with the best Coffee
Ipoh Old Town White Coffee (Nam Heong Coffee Shop)

2 egg tarts + 1 cup of coffee = A Real Indulgence

Happy Birthday to you, Tarts and Pies!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Soul Kitchen Trattoria is truly Italian!

From Buonasera to Bella Italia, from El Mondo to Bravo Italiana, I consider my mission to search for the most authentic Italian cuisine unaccomplished because none of the restaurants I visited could provide the taste and quality that are compatible to the Italian cuisine I had in Italy. Nevertheless, my strong determination urged me to continue searching and never give in! My effort was finally paid off when I discovered this place: Soul Kitchen Trattoria at Lebuh Muntri, Georgetown.

Occupying a quaint-looking pre-war house at the street lining with budget hotels and charming cafes, Soul Kitchen Trattoria is a quiet place for some hearty and rustic fare in the midst of the madding crowd.

Everything is so down-to-earth, with the extensive menu scribbled on the blackboard

Cappuccino @ RM5

I always judge my cappuccino from the cap of foam before taking the first sip

Penne Chicken al Limone @ RM19

Gammon Ham Tramezzini with Balsamic Garlic Sauce @ RM10

Pork Salami Pizza @ RM10

Listen here... listen here... be quiet...
This humble looking Tiramisu is the best in town!
It is so brilliantly done that it can easily beat the others who claim theirs as being authentic. I thought I would not be able to get anything better than the slice of tiramisu that I had in one of the most highly reputable restaurants in Venice, until I found this!

The mascapone cheese simply melted in my mouth and a strong presence of liquor with a hint of sweetness was detected. I let the taste of the liquor work its way up to the root of my mouth and let the very subtle aftertaste linger in that area. The smell and taste of the aroma was so overwhelming in this area.
Soul Kitchen Trattoria
102, Lebuh Muntri
Georgetown, Penang.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Pietro just turned 4!

Happy Birthday to you! 
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to Pietro! 
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

It's the 4th birthday of Pietro so I baked him a Victorian Sponge. 


Pietro's birthday cake!

Er...hem (clearing my throat)... for your information, Pietro is my car. 
The owner has not gone nuts, she is just in the mood for a celebration.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hong Kong-Style Breakfast

When I went to Hong Kong last year, I managed to savour most of the food I desired. However, when I came to one of the must-go destination - Australian Dairy Co. at Parkes Street, I saw throngs of people winding outside its door, anxious to get in to enjoy their famed scrambled eggs and macaroni set. I urged my mum to join the queue while I sneaked into the shop to take a glance at the menu. As an out-of-towner, I was not aware of the efficiency of the waiters in HK trying to get their customers in and out as quickly as possible. I was silly enough to have stood right at the entrance and obstructed the flow of traffic. I was asked to leave by a waiter in the rudest manner I've ever encountered. He said this in Cantonese:
 "Che che, lei yut kor yun chor chee yee sup kor yun ah!" 
(He meant I had prevented twenty customers from entering the shop.)

Consequently, I left and missed the most must-eat food in Hong Kong. However, my wish is now granted as my brother who recently went on his vacation in HK bought me a few packets of instant macaroni. I therefore came up with my version of scrambled eggs and macaroni set at home. 

Macaroni and Ham in Tonkotsu Soup

Scrambled Eggs and Ham on Toast

Take a look at the following picture featuring the scrambled eggs set from 
Australian Dairy Co. in Hong Kong.

Did I do a good job?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Huge & Juicy Meat Pie

A simple post, featuring a simple meal. 
A down-to-earth person, eating some down-to-earth food.  
An old comfort dining place, serving an old comfort pie. 
A small price you pay, a big return you get.
Come and witness a true miracle - a huge, humble looking yet big on taste CHICKEN PIE!

Being a professional pie follower, I couldn't help but fall in love again with you.

A pie which simply brightens up your day

Huge chunky chicken pie laden with the most generous filling

Take a closer look and it makes you salivate.
Ipoh Bakery
Jalan Taming Sari (Main Road)
34000 Taiping, Perak.

Price: RM 2.90 each (unbelievable!)

Note: The bakery bakes only 20 chicken pies a day, starting from 10.00 a.m. These pies normally do not have the chance to stay in the shelf for more than an hour. If you miss the one and only batch of freshly baked pies, you will have to wait for another day.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Revisit to Bravo Italiana

My second visit to Bravo Italiana was a joyous gathering among a couple of supportive colleagues who share many common interests of mine. Both of them possess a palate for good food too. We ordered 2 sets of dinner plus a side order of a tiramisu and a cup of Lavazza coffee.

Two bowls of mushroom chowder and a basket of complimentary garlic bread

The first main course: 
Fettuccine Italiana (flat pasta together with chicken chunks cooked in creamy gravy)

The first main course: 
Grilled salmon steak in pesto sauce

Dessert of the day:
Key Lime Pie (Their signature dessert - undeniably good)

Instead of another piece of key lime pie, the friendly boss changed the second dessert to mango pie. 
Both the pies have the same biscuit base but the key lime pie tasted much better than the mango version. 

Our choice of dessert: Tiramisu 
(a strong presence of kahlua was detected thus making the dessert more palatable)

Do not leave before drinking a cup of freshly-brewed coffee from the famous Italian brand: Lavazza

We have enjoyed our meals to the maximum as we have fallen into the classy dining ambiance of the restaurant. However, the poor quality of the photos has caused an imperfection to the post for I am currently in the exploratory stage for the functions of my newly bought DSLR. Got to put in more effort to brush up my skills now.


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