Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend Breakfast Set from Panorama Hotel

Wendy called last night, asking me out for breakfast on my obligatory shopping day - Sunday. Since I believe strongly that the early bird catches the worm, I always try to reach Tesco by 8 in the morning to catch all the worms before the other birds flock in to snatch them up. However, on second thought, I agreed to a makan date. Being a punctual person, I must accomplish my task and return home before Wendy's arrival. Armed with a four-wheel trolley, the crazy shopper dashed into the hypermarket and loaded her trolley with all the targetted items before making a beeline for the cashier counters. Glanced at the watch, it's only half past eight. Reload the trolley with all the scanned items, the maniac wound up her running belt and sped off and arrived at the car park safely without banging into any obstacles. Chucked everything inside the car but never forgot to return the trolley to the trolley bay (an ethical consumer), I headed towards the morning market. I placed my order at a noodle stall and left my tiffin carrier to the vendor before moving on to the news stand to grab my dad's favourite daily. When the 'tapau' was ready, I knew that I had finally completed my work. It's only 5 minutes past nine and I had ample time to reach home before 9:15. Wendy arrived on the dot and I hopped on her car to our breakfast spot - Panorama Hotel. Phew ~~ That ends the story of the crazy yet ethical shopper.

The breakfast menu (RM 8.05 nett) comes with four choices of main course:
1. Ham & egg on toast
2. Turkey ham sandwich
3. Mushroom omelette on toast
4. Cheesy scrambled egg on waffle
The breakfast set includes a glass of orange juice, a small serving of fruits and a cup of coffee or tea.

Fruits & Juice

Cheesy scrambled egg on waffle

Mushroom omelette on toast

Always end your meal with a good strong cuppa... Yeah ~~~

Panorama Hotel
Jalan Kota


  1. wahhh..very cheap la... and looks good too for the price of RM8...
    this morning my girl asked for egg tarts.. but lazy to drive all the way to bercham...

  2. Claire:

    Then go to Kg. Simee la...

  3. Next time we go to Beacon Point.

  4. Wendy:

    Ok... ok...
    It's on me, ok?



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