Friday, August 13, 2010

Abalone Promo Set

Good news for the Ipoh kaki! Unique Seafood Restaurant is now having a value-for-money abalone promotion. When you order the abalone set, two sets of meals will be delivered to you while you are paying only for one. In other words, the second set comes absolutely FREE! The entire abalone set is made up of six dishes:

1. Braised abalone with mushroom and broccoli
2. Sweet and Sour Fillet
3. Fresh water prawn cooked in superior soy sauce
4. Sharks fin soup
5. Fried Rice
6. Dessert (Canned fruits)

Guess what? All the above costs merely RM69.90 ++ per set! I shall remind you again that this is a Buy One and Get One Free promotion. Therefore, each set costs a painless price of RM34.95 ++.
So what are you waiting for? Go to Unique Seafood Restaurant today and savour abalone at the most affordable price ever. (Sounds like an advertisement)

Sweet and Sour Fillet

Sharks fin soup

Fresh water prawn cooked in superior soy sauce

Braised abalone with mushroom and broccoli

Fried Rice


  1. hey MingNa, that is good news! I havent been there before.. does it apply for Saturday too? Maybe I can go there with Elin ... do you want to join us? :)

  2. Claire:

    Yes, I went there on a Saturday.

  3. ok my son is back today.. we might go tonight.. hahaha...

  4. Claire & family:

    Enjoy yourselves!



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