Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Revisit to Bravo Italiana

My second visit to Bravo Italiana was a joyous gathering among a couple of supportive colleagues who share many common interests of mine. Both of them possess a palate for good food too. We ordered 2 sets of dinner plus a side order of a tiramisu and a cup of Lavazza coffee.

Two bowls of mushroom chowder and a basket of complimentary garlic bread

The first main course: 
Fettuccine Italiana (flat pasta together with chicken chunks cooked in creamy gravy)

The first main course: 
Grilled salmon steak in pesto sauce

Dessert of the day:
Key Lime Pie (Their signature dessert - undeniably good)

Instead of another piece of key lime pie, the friendly boss changed the second dessert to mango pie. 
Both the pies have the same biscuit base but the key lime pie tasted much better than the mango version. 

Our choice of dessert: Tiramisu 
(a strong presence of kahlua was detected thus making the dessert more palatable)

Do not leave before drinking a cup of freshly-brewed coffee from the famous Italian brand: Lavazza

We have enjoyed our meals to the maximum as we have fallen into the classy dining ambiance of the restaurant. However, the poor quality of the photos has caused an imperfection to the post for I am currently in the exploratory stage for the functions of my newly bought DSLR. Got to put in more effort to brush up my skills now.


  1. Gosh... the food looks heavenly, and the garlic bread looks yummy too.

  2. I really love their Key Lime Pie!

  3. cleffairy:

    I love their food very much. That's why I made my return to Bravo within a month.

    Thanks for recommending this wonderful dessert to me.

  4. mingna, where is this place? so italian.. in KL? i know Ipoh surely doesnt have this..right?

  5. Claire:

    It's at Krystal Point, Penang.

  6. A piece of Tiramisu and a cup of coffee is a must or the meal is not completed. Congratulations on your DSLR purchase. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. :-)

  7. Yoke-Yin:

    Thanks for your encouragement. I'll try to improve on my photography skills.



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