Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Snacks from Italy

Whenever I made my toilet stop at the Autogrill Station or Chef Express along the Highway of Italy, I would buy  at least a few bars of cookies and chocolate. Knowing that it would cost more to buy at the R&R area in Italy, I tried to be more selective and chose only the very special ones to be taken home. On the last day of my journey, I loaded my luggage case with food packets of various sizes and content. I gave the custom officer a shock when I unlocked the luggage case which I carried on board. I simply dropped a word 'buono' and I got a grin in return. He was pleased with my special affection towards Italian confectionery.

Ringo biscuits with chocolate cream filling

Typical Ming Na's style: pairing everything with coffee

Mini Croissants with chocolate filling

Vicenzi's Mini Puff Pastry Snack with chocolate filling

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  1. mingna..the cookies looks good!!too bad over here they dont have?



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