Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Semi Lunch Buffet at Flemington Hotel

As one of the most reputable hotels in Taiping, Flemington hotel never fails in its effort to promote its hotel every now and then. Being a small town, Taiping has hardly any secret, and surely, this includes the latest happenings in town. When Flemington hotel first introduced the semi lunch buffet (first ever in town), everyone of us was so ignorant about the new concept yet this had aroused our interest to find out more about it. Curiosity kills the cat. The four cats made their way to Flemington Hotel on one fine day. Before we ordered anything, we made the manager explain the concept of semi-buffet. According to him, everything is served in buffet style except for the main courses which come with a choice of two main dishes. In other words, by paying only RM12 nett, we can have unlimited helping of appetisers, desserts and coffee. Doesn't it sound attractive? Yeah ~~~

We helped ourselves to the salad on the buffet table

Even the seafood chowder was of unlimited servings (I refilled my bowl for three times)

There came the first main course: Grilled Fish Fillet

Another main course: Chicken cooked in orange gravy

Refillable dessert: Chocolate cakes & Fruits

Free flow of coffee


  1. Hi, is the Semi Buffet@ Flemington still on? How come i live in Taiping dunno about it? I'm so silly! Will try ler...looks so tempting

  2. Duckie:

    If you come to Taiping and can't find any good food in town, you can consider this...


    I think the promotion is still on.

  3. Thanks for this Ming Na !!!
    Let me plan another Taiping getaway soon enough.
    Semi Buffet sounds perfect, even if it's RM12 for the set, that would have courted me over anyday.

  4. J2Kfm:

    Do make frequent visits to Taiping, and explore more undiscovered good food in the side lanes.



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