Friday, August 6, 2010

Farewell Dinner

One of my colleagues will be leaving for China for her postgraduate studies. We threw her a farewell party (dinner?) at a seafood restaurant in Sungai Kerang. I am a regular customer here and I find the food here quite tasty. I enjoy eating here as I don't need to pay through my nose as everything is so reasonably charged.

 Shark's meat and liver stir-fried with ginger and onion. 

Mantis Prawns in Kung Po style

Clams cooked in superior stock

Steamed fresh water Prawns with Shao Heng wine

 Crab in Kum Heung style

Another crab dish cooked with sweet and sour sauce

I only managed to take pictures of 6 dishes out of 9 as the last few dishes arrived while I was battling with the crabs. The other 3 dishes were:
1. Deep-fried baby squid
2. Deep-fried prawns coated with Kerabu Sauce
3. Wildboar meat cooked in ginger sauce

The bill for 8 pax came up to RM169 inclusive of rice and a pot of tea. 


  1. It was a fabulous seafood party for the farewell. :)

  2. Little Box:

    Yes... we enjoyed the meals so much.



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