Thursday, August 26, 2010

Soul Kitchen Trattoria is truly Italian!

From Buonasera to Bella Italia, from El Mondo to Bravo Italiana, I consider my mission to search for the most authentic Italian cuisine unaccomplished because none of the restaurants I visited could provide the taste and quality that are compatible to the Italian cuisine I had in Italy. Nevertheless, my strong determination urged me to continue searching and never give in! My effort was finally paid off when I discovered this place: Soul Kitchen Trattoria at Lebuh Muntri, Georgetown.

Occupying a quaint-looking pre-war house at the street lining with budget hotels and charming cafes, Soul Kitchen Trattoria is a quiet place for some hearty and rustic fare in the midst of the madding crowd.

Everything is so down-to-earth, with the extensive menu scribbled on the blackboard

Cappuccino @ RM5

I always judge my cappuccino from the cap of foam before taking the first sip

Penne Chicken al Limone @ RM19

Gammon Ham Tramezzini with Balsamic Garlic Sauce @ RM10

Pork Salami Pizza @ RM10

Listen here... listen here... be quiet...
This humble looking Tiramisu is the best in town!
It is so brilliantly done that it can easily beat the others who claim theirs as being authentic. I thought I would not be able to get anything better than the slice of tiramisu that I had in one of the most highly reputable restaurants in Venice, until I found this!

The mascapone cheese simply melted in my mouth and a strong presence of liquor with a hint of sweetness was detected. I let the taste of the liquor work its way up to the root of my mouth and let the very subtle aftertaste linger in that area. The smell and taste of the aroma was so overwhelming in this area.
Soul Kitchen Trattoria
102, Lebuh Muntri
Georgetown, Penang.


  1. Wah you give such a high rate! I must go visit soon! :)

  2. Mingna... the last pic is something to drool for..

  3. Cariso:

    You must go to this place for some real Italian taste... Trust me, it's the cream of the crop.

    Yes... special compliments to the desirable amount of liquor they added into the dessert



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