Monday, June 28, 2010

Italy - Day 4: Verona

Built in the distinctive local pink marble, Verona has a rosy hue, as if the sun were constantly setting. What was once a thriving Roman settlement is today one of the most prosperous and elegant cities in Italy.

The Piazza Bra is where the Veronese gather day and night to talk, shop and drink together. They sit ans stroll in the shadow of the glorious 1st century AD Roman Arena, the third largest structure of its kind in existence.

Roman Arena is often used for city fairs and, in summer, up to 25,000 people at a time fill it to attend performances of popular Italian Opera - notably Verdi's Aida.

Many street artists are seen along the streets in Verona

The famous mercato (market) in Verona, selling mainly fresh fruits and sourvenirs

Hanging there for centuries. Was told that if a woman who is completely "pure" walks under the hook, it will fall onto the ground. I tried but nothing unusual occurred. Maybe I am not pure enough. (???)

Verona is, of course, the city of Romeo and Juliet. Through the Capulet and Montague families immortalised by Shakespeare did actually exist, the story of the star-crossed lovers was entirely fictional. However, what is now a rather seedy bar on the Via delle Arche Scaligeri was allegedly the Casa Romeo. Rather better maintained is Juliet's House, a medieval town house complete with balcony and recently opened museum. 

Most people are drawn to Verona because of the Juliet's Balcony.

Romeo's beloved Juliet immortalised in bronze.

Tourists flock in to touch Juliet's breast (the statue's, ok?) for good luck.
*Cheeky Ming Na committing a disgraceful act*

A sight to behold

Unlike our Cameron products, these strawberries are sweet, juicy and succulent.

My favourite panini with prosciutto (ham) and Formaggio di Bufala (buffalo cheese).

Fish and pasta set


  1. memorable pics, mingna... :)

    btw, just wanna ask u something.. this week i m going to taiping.. can u tell me what nice food to eat? like some desserts and for evening dinner, seafood dinner... :p any suggestions?

  2. Claire:

    Compared to Ipoh, the food in Taiping is less impressive. However, there are a few shops selling reasonably good Hokkien food (my personal opinion).

    For breakfast:
    Lian Thong Kopitiam at Jalan Kota

    For lunch:
    Larut Matang Food Court at Jalan Panggung Wayang
    Must try the Teochew Fried Kuetiau from Stall No. 78

    For Dinner:
    Mr BBQ at Jalan Maharajalela (the road heading towards Lake Garden)

  3. hey mingna, thanks for the tips.. will try to look for Jalan Kota and this Maharajalela...
    i saw in James blog recommending Mr. BBQ too.. will try to look out for this.. :)
    so stall 78 at the market there, right? ok.. thanks!!

  4. Claire:

    Not the market, but the building located at a stone's throw from the morning market. Try asking people where the Larut Matang Food Court is and they can surely guide you there. Good Luck!



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