Saturday, June 19, 2010

My 12-hour journey to Rome

I enjoy travelling by plane, especially the long haul flight which requires more than 10 hours of sitting still. The in-flight meals may be awful but it's actually the dining 'ambiance' that counts. Enjoying my food at an altitude of more than 30000 ft above sea level, the 'very polite' stewardess who never fails in asking: "Yes? What do you want? Nasi Lemak or Spanish Omelette? Coffee or Tea?" (A special 'courtesy' towards Malaysian passengers). How much I wish I were the orang putih... 
"Good morning, sir. We have ...... and ...... for breakfast. Which one do you prefer? ...... Thank you, sir....." (paying the same amount of air fare yet being treated like kings and queens). Sigh ~~~ MH = Malaysian Hospitality???


Chicken Rice Set

Fish and Potatoes Set

Mushroom Omelette with chicken sausage


  1. Yes, i noticed the different treatment too.. but close one eye la.. sigh..
    anyway, i cannot eat a lot on the plane, the food just not ngam one.. just eat to keep myself from hunger.. :)

  2. Claire:

    So, where's your coming destination?



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