Monday, January 31, 2011

Sun Kong Restaurant, Ayer Kala

If you haven't heard of Ayer Kala, then you should make a trip there for some nice fresh water fish and down-to-earth dishes. At Sun Kong Restaurant, you pay less while getting something huge in return.

Sun Kong Restaurant, Ayer Kala

Stir-fried aubergine with dry shrimps

Lenggong wolf-herring fishball soup

Steamed Pak Sou Gong

Stir-fried pig stomach in pineapple sauce

Black pepper venison

Thai styled beancurd

Blanched vegetables

Fried Belacan Kangkung
Sun Kong Restaurant
Ayer Kala

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Pie Horror Day!

O pie! what flavour hath Thou put on my tongue,
Which have no conformity with the coffee's vow;
Or, if they have, why ain't the buds of taste sung,
That rebukes severely what they perceive now?
O scorched pie! with burn marks thou shove me off,
How can it? O! How can thy hideousness be scoff?

The precious drop
A scorched tuna pie, as a result of my negligence.
Pie of the 3-U's --- Ugliness, Unattractiveness and Unsightliness.
An unmatched pair!

A poem dedicated to New Year Cookies

You swirl from black to white,
So are you to my thoughts as butter to bread,
Or as refreshing oxygen is to my life;
As for the crunch of you I munch and munch

As I'm a predator and my prey is found.
Now delighted as a glutton, and a cookie monster
Doubting the buttery scent will steal your soul
Now smiling with contentment to be watching you rise,
From dough to food.

Then better's that the others may see my pride:
Sometime all full with jealousy in their eyes,
And by and by hunger they approach;
Demanding and wanting you so badly

Hide what you have, or must from you be seized.
Thus do I roll and bake day by day,
Or indulging on you, or all of you,
All or nothing...

New Year Cookies - the "Black & White"
From dough, they rise

As food, they live

Your eyes are hungry...

There comes the universal fluid...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Smell the cuppa

People all over the world consume over 1 billion cups of coffee a day. And Ming Na alone accounts for 0.0000003% of that daily consumption, which is equivalent to 3 cups out of a billion. I consider the first cup of coffee a necessity to the beginning of every morning. As for the afternoon coffee time, it is consumed for its intriguing flavour and aroma while the third cup is usually consumed after dinner to help keep me awake while preparing for tomorrow's work day.

Robert Timms Royal Special @ AUD7.62

Marks & Spencer Viennese Double Chocolate Sandwich @ £2.75

Shall We? Chocolate Chip Cookies @ ¥ 299 for 9 pcs

Viennese Double Chocolate Sandwich

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Because there's always time...

In the downtown of KL, the author was on her way to the stuck-in-the-60's coffee street. There wasn't a single soul along the street. She strolled down a row of pre-war buildings and passed the nostalgic coffee place. Crowded with coffee enthusiasts. Apparently, the city needs more old-fashioned coffee for these people to linger for hours without letting them know the secrets of the 'backyard brew'.

Take a tour of some old-school food in this unpretentious coffee shop

Butter & Kaya Toast

Wobbly half-boiled eggs

Thick and smooth Robusta Brew

Soft Buttery Rolls and Cakes

The "porky" pig hidden within the toast

Vermicelli Soup

Fried Hailam Noodles

Yut Kee Coffee Shop
35, Jalan Dang Wangi
Kuala Lumpur

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A poem dedicated to my Coffee

Who will know the beauty of yours in time to come,
If it were not recorded and shared?
Though yet I know it is but as the mist
Which hides your scent, and shows nothing of you.

If I could scribble the charm of your seeds,
And in grades honour all your wonders,
The age to come would say 'Ming Na cheats;
Such soothing taste never touches our hearts.'
So should my blog post, drifted with passing time,
Be read, like poems of renowned poets,
And your genuine quality be indulged a connoisseur's palate
And revived beauty of the coffee song:
But were a true appreciator of yours aware of this,
You should be brought back to life, and in my faithful lines...

Blendy - Mild Aroma @ ¥399

A special thanks to my 'daughter', Hui Yin for the lovely egg tart.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Ogawa Coffee Ten"

When I came back from Japan, I gave mum a shock the moment I unloaded my luggages. She discovered that half of the 25" bag was filled with coffee packs. I quickly moved everything into my rucksack and escaped with all my darlings before she started her first lecture.

"Ogawa Coffee Ten"

SHOP BLEND combines various types of beans from all over the world:
50% Brazil Medium Roast
25% Columbia Dark Roast
10% Columbia Light Roast
10% JAVA WIB-1 Light Roast
SHOP BLEND gives you a full-bodied roast flavour and well-rounded taste
A thick layer of crema ... ...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Green Tea Cappuccino

I am new to fusion food and haven't the clue where to get one. Knowing that the fluid that bathes my cells comprises 90% concentrated coffee, those who care never get bored over advising the coffee addict to switch to something healthier like TEA. Too innocent to admit that I am deeply poisoned after a prolonged use of caffeine.

"Coffee, coffee boil and bubble;
Fire burn, and water bubble.
Beans of the Blue Mountain,
In the grinder crash and smash;
Huge pile of coffee dust,
Deadly aroma locked and retained,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-concoction boil and bubble."

"Coffee, coffee boil and bubble;
Fire burn, and water bubble.
Press it with a plunger,
Then the coffee charm is strong and overpowering.
O well done! I slurp my heart out;
And everyone shall feel my rushing adrenaline
And now about the coffee pot sing
Live ghosts of Caffeine in a parade
Enchanting all that I put in."

I listened, and I nodded. I accepted the kind offer of some steaming hot tea and rushed it from the tip of my throat through its path. Cheering over her victory, the good Samaritan left with a rewarding smile. Me, and me again, remained seated, without uttering a word of sigh. I was waiting patiently for the nausea to set in. Too innocent to tell her that I can't take tea.

I was unsure if I would want to keep on trying, till my nerves could withstand the fatal scent of tea. If only it could, I doubted. Then, I saw this --- Macha Cappuccino. Just pour hot boiling water into this instant cappuccino, a cap of frothy foam will form, along with the aroma of green tea. It looks exactly like a green coloured version of cappuccino, despite being coffee-less.

Back to the question: Should I change from drinking coffee to tea? To 'tea' or not to 'tea', it's up to me...
Macha Cappuccino


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