Sunday, January 30, 2011

A poem dedicated to New Year Cookies

You swirl from black to white,
So are you to my thoughts as butter to bread,
Or as refreshing oxygen is to my life;
As for the crunch of you I munch and munch

As I'm a predator and my prey is found.
Now delighted as a glutton, and a cookie monster
Doubting the buttery scent will steal your soul
Now smiling with contentment to be watching you rise,
From dough to food.

Then better's that the others may see my pride:
Sometime all full with jealousy in their eyes,
And by and by hunger they approach;
Demanding and wanting you so badly

Hide what you have, or must from you be seized.
Thus do I roll and bake day by day,
Or indulging on you, or all of you,
All or nothing...

New Year Cookies - the "Black & White"
From dough, they rise

As food, they live

Your eyes are hungry...

There comes the universal fluid...


  1. Ming Na, I am "wordless"... all I can say is.. you are really something... as chinese saying goes.. intellectual and at the same time can do wonders in the kitchen!

  2. Claire:

    Thank you for the gift of knowing you. :)

  3. Wow ~! I like the design so much !



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