Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Ogawa Coffee Ten"

When I came back from Japan, I gave mum a shock the moment I unloaded my luggages. She discovered that half of the 25" bag was filled with coffee packs. I quickly moved everything into my rucksack and escaped with all my darlings before she started her first lecture.

"Ogawa Coffee Ten"

SHOP BLEND combines various types of beans from all over the world:
50% Brazil Medium Roast
25% Columbia Dark Roast
10% Columbia Light Roast
10% JAVA WIB-1 Light Roast
SHOP BLEND gives you a full-bodied roast flavour and well-rounded taste
A thick layer of crema ... ...


  1. no more creama when you poured them out eh?

  2. Jean:

    If I brew it using the espresso machine, the pressure will produce a nice layer of thick crema. Too bad,this is just a French press...

  3. Your love for coffee... you must have inherited it from one of your parents, or both? :)

  4. Claire:

    I do not have a definite answer since both of them drink all the beverages in the list: coffee, tea, Milo, milk powder, Horlicks, teh tarik etc. As for me, I drink none of the above except for coffee. I do not have a choice...



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