Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When Egg Tarts meet Special Blend at the Breakfast Table

When egg tarts meet special blend at the breakfast table, they fall in love at first sight. They become the most perfect match on earth, emitting love impulses to each other. The diner raised her camera, capturing the moment when both the soul mates softly whispering their message of love. When I held up my camera over the eggilicious tarts, I got a surge of excitement pumped through my vessels, followed by a heart throbbing sensation with my blood rising rapidly in my veins. Baby! It's time to eat!

Choy Kee Egg Tarts @ RM1.20 each & Kaldi Special Blend @ ¥399/100gm
Catch us if you can...


  1. Reading your blog has influenced me in a way.. now i know how to admire egg tarts more!! :p

  2. Claire:

    Have you found the Bercham branch?

  3. not yet, no time to go yet.. see tomorrow.. :) the other day i bought from Moon Moon, my girl complained so yucky.. hahaha..

  4. Claire:

    The best is still Choy Kee *grin*

  5. ming na, i agree. the choy kee egg tarts are so good but why the ones up got burnt? did you reheat them in the oven?

  6. Lena:

    You're so observant. Yeah, you're right. I reheat the tarts in the oven. Haha

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