Thursday, January 13, 2011

Touch my heart @ Maxim

Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant is located at Taman Pekaka, Sungai Dua. It's just a stone's throw from USM so this place has become my usual place for dim sum whenever I go to Penang. Compared to the dim sum in Ipoh, their dim sum is very ordinary and not really big on taste. That's why I always order something extraordinary which I can't find in Ipoh.

Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant, Taman Pekaka

Steamed Pig Stomach in pepper gravy
Egg Tart
Loh Mai Kai
Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant
2.G.11/12, Pekaka Square
Taman Pekaka, Sungai Dua
11700 Penang


  1. I saw Maxim ice cream shop in Pulau Tikus.. but not Maxim dim sum in Sungai Dua before.. near to my son's place.. i will ask him to check it out for me...hehee..

  2. Claire:

    Maxim has strings of bakeries, dessert shops and dim sum restaurants in Penang. I like to buy cakes at Maxim bakery at Penang Road.



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