Saturday, January 29, 2011

Smell the cuppa

People all over the world consume over 1 billion cups of coffee a day. And Ming Na alone accounts for 0.0000003% of that daily consumption, which is equivalent to 3 cups out of a billion. I consider the first cup of coffee a necessity to the beginning of every morning. As for the afternoon coffee time, it is consumed for its intriguing flavour and aroma while the third cup is usually consumed after dinner to help keep me awake while preparing for tomorrow's work day.

Robert Timms Royal Special @ AUD7.62

Marks & Spencer Viennese Double Chocolate Sandwich @ £2.75

Shall We? Chocolate Chip Cookies @ ¥ 299 for 9 pcs

Viennese Double Chocolate Sandwich


  1. I make an exception next time I go out with you.. I dont mind drinking ice blend coffee but not the one that we drank the other day.. it was like kind of wasted when we left.. hahaha... u r really a coffee lover..

  2. Claire:

    Don't worry, there are other non-caffeinated drinks in Coffeebean. I heard that their juice is not bad either. However, if you come to my place, you will be left with no choice because my house has coffee beans and coffee powder only.



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