Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm not an ice cream

It was 9.00 in the morning, exactly two hours before departure time. There ain't a single soul in the boarding room, except for the two lonely Malaysians who were hardly impressed with the airport which was ranked 4th overall in the Airport of the Year 2006 awards named by Skytrax. I wandered around the world longest airport concourse, hoping to explore the unexplored. Sadly, nothing fascinated me, though. I sensed a sudden inexplicable emptiness, and I knew the desperation of cheering myself up before I sank into a deep emotional low. Then, I was taken to a snack bar, where I finally found myself smiling upon seeing this:

Giant Caplico Uji Macha 'ice cream' @ ¥160
"I'm not an ice cream"
"I say I'm not an ice cream"
"Please believe me when I say I'm not an ice cream"
"How many times do I need to tell you that I'm not an ice cream???"

Note: The object above requires neither chilling nor freezing. So, it is not an ice cream.


  1. Filip Demuinck:

    It's actually biscuits... Thanks for dropping by.



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