Thursday, January 20, 2011

Delicately small and pretty

My darling tarts,

You dainty looking tarts are my lovely afternoon treats. When you entered my life, you filled me with mirth. You stood by my side, when I needed you the most. We are together, and you make my life perfect. I can't wait for the moment, that I get to be with you, dancing our way along the tract, from her mouth till her stomach. We will be one, soon. Together, we shall never be apart again. We shall feel the gastric rain falling down on us, I call your name, and you gently utter mine. We will be broken down, into fragments of love, squeezing our love through the intestinal tract and showering it on every living cell of hers, and there it lies, our eternal love, in our ultimate destination...

Kenya Dark Roast

From left:
Citrus Tartlet, Cheese Tartlet & Chocolate Caramel Tartlet

Kenya Dark Roast


  1. Mingna, Mingna.. really a tart fan.. this morning i went to greentown corner for breakfast, my girl ordered 2 egg tarts, surprisingly those tasted nice! by the way, the tarts in the post, are they from John King?

  2. Claire:

    They are store-bought tarts from Japan.

  3. dear dark roast, i'm glad that you're always there for me , making me so alive the moment you touch me, surrounded by your warmth and to get flooded by you. Just hold me close to you, let us flow together.. for our love is eternal..

  4. Lena: Oh My God! Many would call me 'chi sin' when I start talking to food and coffee. Finally I've found a person who shares my 'interest'... Hey, buddy! Welcome to the party



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