Monday, January 17, 2011

A birthday date with my 'beloved daughter'

Today, today and today... ... Ain't just any ordinary days that are usually filled with dullness and discontentment, no matter how luxurious the afternoon tea may look. Certainly, food is not a persuasive subject. I love food, but not easily fall for one, nor do I always find it simply irresistible. My requirements are high, my demand is hanging and my appetite is growing. When I first started eating around, I beamed from ear to ear upon seeing food. Ironically, the word 'tasty' just doesn't interest me nowadays. When good food fails to arouse my interest, something else (or someone?) must come in. I know what I want. All I want is merely a good company, a real companion who shares my passion in food, particularly coffee and afternoon tea. My thought for the day: Good food is not meant to be eaten alone.

Today is a special day. My beloved 'daughter' has turned 18! Being my favourite student, she is always my most welcomed guest in the list. On her big day, I was given the honour to savour the wonderful afternoon treats with her. Speaking as a proud 'stepmother', I am glad to be the first person to celebrate this memorable moment with her. And I hope there will be more to come as time goes by.

Dear Hui Yin,

Wishing you a very happy birthday and many more happy returns of the day!

Ms. Pam

Double shot espresso @ RM6.50
Raspberry currant juice @ RM11.90
Cinnamon Roll @ RM4.80
Chicken Sausage Roll @ RM4.80
A simple but warm birthday treat...
The birthday girl


  1. I know I told you a million times just now but I have to put it in writing: THANK YOU so much for the most special afternoon treats . Having you there made my year. I am incredibly touched that you came and celebrate my birthday in person. Thank you thank you thank you , my teacher !



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