Monday, January 3, 2011

Yam Rice @ Kedai Kopi Soon Loong, Chai Leng Park

I had never eaten yam rice in my life until I was posted to Segamat in 2006. My landlady is a good cook and her family enjoys her home-cooked meal very much particularly her special yam rice. Even though I am not a fan of rice, I had never turned away from her yam rice that is almost always perfectly done. I usually ended up wolfing down more than one serving. Ever since I was transferred back to my hometown, I stopped eating yam rice because I always find the yam rice in Taiping and Ipoh rather tasteless. Two weeks ago, I went to Butterworth to meet up with my former classmate who is married to a Penang guy. We both went to Chai Leng Park for lunch and she recommended this shop. If you search the internet, you will find that yam rice is the most popular dish in Butterworth and most bloggers usually go to the shop by the name of C*** H***. However, this friend of mine assured me that the neighbour of C*** H*** serves even better yam rice. True enough, the yam rice at Soon Loong is very fragrant and the taste is so close to my landlady's.

Yam Rice @ RM0.40 (small) & RM0.80 (big)
Braised beancurd and hard-boiled eggs

Pork offal sour soup


  1. hey, i went to this place too in Chai Leng Park Butterworth, my sons liked the yam rice very much, till today, they are still talking about it..the bowls of yam rice came in small portions, i cannot remember how many bowls they took, the salted vege soup was nice too.. but after eating,must drink lots of water..hahaa..

  2. Claire:

    I didn't eat much, only managed to finish a small bowl of yam rice.



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