Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January Afternoon Tea 4: Homemade Coffee Flavoured Egg Tarts

I'm running out of ideas on the choice of food I eat for afternoon tea. As the number of cafes in Taiping is limited, I have no choice but to eat at the same place over and over. I've certainly got bored of eating the same food over the months. I'm not going to Starbucks for the same sausage roll again. Neither do I show anymore interest in the fresh cream cakes at Secret Recipe. Knowing that I can hardly survive without having afternoon tea, I begin to look for other alternatives. And that leads me to baking my own pastries again.

So, which item tops my new baking list?
The eggy monster's dream, of course...

Coffee Flavoured Egg Tarts
Think of tarts, think of coffee.
Crumbly tart shell filling with wobbly egg custard

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