Friday, January 7, 2011

Marks & Spencer Swiss Chocolate Collection

When Aunty Lai cam over to Malaysia, she brought back quite a number of gifts for all her siblings and relatives. Months before her return, she sent me an email asking me to list down the things that I wanted her to get for me in London. I was too shy to demand anything so I replied with a humble note: "Just a small packet of biscuit will do." I knew that she would get me more than I had asked for. Certainly, the biscuits I requested reached my hands as expected but to my surprise, she got me another gift which made everyone envy.

Marks & Spencer Swiss Chocolate!


  1. wow... so gorgeous chocs!! I couldnt find a word to describe these sweet temptations!! U can afford to eat them.. u r so slim!

  2. Claire:

    Lately I put on quite a lot of weight...
    Sigh ~~~



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