Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A poem dedicated to my Coffee

Who will know the beauty of yours in time to come,
If it were not recorded and shared?
Though yet I know it is but as the mist
Which hides your scent, and shows nothing of you.

If I could scribble the charm of your seeds,
And in grades honour all your wonders,
The age to come would say 'Ming Na cheats;
Such soothing taste never touches our hearts.'
So should my blog post, drifted with passing time,
Be read, like poems of renowned poets,
And your genuine quality be indulged a connoisseur's palate
And revived beauty of the coffee song:
But were a true appreciator of yours aware of this,
You should be brought back to life, and in my faithful lines...

Blendy - Mild Aroma @ ¥399

A special thanks to my 'daughter', Hui Yin for the lovely egg tart.


  1. Mingna, I certified you a real Coffee Lover of all times!!

  2. Hui Yin:



    It's my great honour to accept a Coffee Lover Award from Claire... Thank you :)



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