Friday, December 18, 2009

Hong Kong & Macau

Went to Hong Kong for a 7-day trip. It's my first time travelling to Hong Kong by Cathay Pacific. Well, the service is not as good as MAS and the food is lousy as well. They used to serve Haagen Dazs ice-cream on board but no longer serving it now. You will have to request for every single item you want including coffee. I will certainly not consider Cathay Pacific again.

This is Chicken Rice set. The bun is as hard as rock and there is no dessert at all except for a few miserable looking cut fruits. The green cup generally serves no purpose. Compared to MAS which serves yogurt, jelly and cheesecakes, this is totally not up-to-standard.

Fish Rice Set.
Look at the overcooked vege, it's so disgusting.

Arrived in HK after flying for 3 and a quarter hours.

Was a bit shocked to see huge Chinese characters in every signboard. One will need to go closer to look at the English version at the bottom of the Chinese characters. Although it is a top ranking airport, they hardly practise international standard. Priority is given to Chinese languages in almost everything ranging from announcements to signboards. English has become their third language as Mandarin is seen to be more influential after Cantonese.

Tsing Mah Bridge connecting Lantau Island and Kowloon Island. If you take the Airport Express to Hong Kong, it will take you approximately half-an-hour to reach HK. Travelling by bus or taxi is about 45 minutes.

Mum and I spent 3 nights in Metro Park Hotel, Mongkok. The hotel is located at Lai Chi Kok Road, just a few walking steps from the Prince MTR station. The hotel is rather expensive. A small twin room costs us HKD 1,280 per night.

Due to time constraint, I am giving only a brief description on my first day in HK.
Will write more in the next post.


  1. hi.. so u r in HK now? good that u can online while u were there.. i couldnt online at all! last time when i went, it was cathay pacific too and i remember they served us a magnum ice cream as dessert.. my kids loved that.. as for the food, i still prefer air asia nasi lemak anytime.. hahhaha.. mine was MAS to japan.. was served unagi rice but the bun was still warm and fresh, unlike yours.. and was served meiji ice cream :)

  2. Hey, I love what you share for your trip to Hong Kong. It really serves as a good guide for people like me wishing to travel there sometime in year 2010. Well, Happy New Year to you. ^^



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