Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tea Time Treat

Although Segamat seems to be a small town which experienced very little changes over the decade, modern cafes can be found everywhere in town. Emas cake shop was formerly an ordinary bakery but was recently being upgraded to a kopitiam. The shop is now divided into two sections, the bakery and the cafe. Patrons can choose to order food from the menu in the cafe without having to buy any pastry from the bakery. At the same time, they can also buy the pastries from the bakery to be consumed at the cafe.

Simple yet elegant decor.

The menu

The cashier

Variety of cakes displayed in the glassy shelf

My tea time treat: 6 tartlets (RM4)

Brew of the day

Doughnut is another hot selling item in the bakery.

Indonesian Layered Cake

Jam Tarts



Mini Portuguese Tarts

Kaya Puffs

Jam Cookies

Bakery Kopitiam
27 & 29, Jalan Awang,
85000 Segamat,

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  1. I'm so crazy about their egg tart! Best egg tart ever!



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