Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hong Kong & Macau - Day 4 (Part 2: Loja Sopa Da Fita Cheong Kei)

The beautifully decorated Largo Do Senado



Town bus is the most convenient means of transportation in Macau

Old colonial buildings are found in every corner of Largo Do Senado

  The well preserved heritage is given a nice coating of paint to distinguish it from one another


 This street is commonly known as 'Sau Shun Kai' (gift street). Tourists flock in every day as this street is also an obligatory route toward the most well-known landmark in Macau - The Ruins of St. Paul.


The magnificent structure is seen at the far end.

 Oops... too lazy to find out anything about the statues... (guess I need some help, if you could name it)


I am speechless...

Portuguese folk dance performance


 Poon Weng Kei makes the best egg crisp in Macau

 The egg crisp contains a strong aroma of egg as only egg yolk is used in making the delicacy.

Surprise! I was told by the locals that the ice-cream vendor goes round the town to sell his ice-cream and you will never know his whereabouts so it is not easy to bump into him. I didn't take any pictures of the homemade ice-cream for I was being overexcited the moment I saw him.The vendor makes the ice-cream all by himself without the help of any electric beater. The result is a creamier and smoother texture with very little air bubbles in the ice-cream.

Another surprise! One terribly small scoop of ice-cream costs HKD15!!!

 We had our lunch at Loja Sopa Da Fita Cheong Kei (Cheong Kei Noodle House).

 You don't need anyone to tell you how good their noodles are.
There is always a long queue throughout the day.

Wonton noodles with Nam Yue Pig's Trotter

 Har Ji Meen (Wonton noodles with shrimp roe)


  1. Interesting variant of kon loh mee / wantan noodles, prawn roe!? :-)

    Nice wide angle shots of the street ... cheers!

    ps - Merry Christmas from the middle east!!

  2. Julian Si:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. i like to try the wanton with shrimp roe.. how did it taste?

  4. Claire:

    Very tasty... I like the saltiness of the shrimp roe. I wonder why it is not available in our country?



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