Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hong Kong & Macau - Day 5 (Part 2: HK Street food at Dundas Street)

Arrived in Hong Kong again at noon. We checked in hotel in Yau Ma Tei and proceeded to Tsim Sha Tsui for another round of shopping. Along Canton Road, there are many shopping complexes, eateries and boutiques.  We even saw one ice-cream van near Harbour Plaza selling extra tall softee.

The softee (HKD7) was creamier and milkier than McDonald's sundae cone.

Once again, we returned to the hotel with bagfuls of stuffs. It was close to 5 p.m. so we decided to visit the Lady's Market which is just a walking distance from our hotel. We bought some souvenirs from the stalls at very reasonable price (bargain first before you buy anything). We then went to Dundas Street to look for some typical Hong Kong street-food like curry flavoured fishballs, stinky beancurd and mini waffles.

Fei Che Snack Stall

Very crunchy pig's intestine (HKD5). Don't forget to ask for some mustard sauce. It goes very well with the food.

Duck's gizzard (HKD5) is a very rare food in Malaysia.

Kai Kei Snack Stall

Grilled octopus and deep-fried octopus

Haha... here comes the main star - Curry flavoured fishballs and the non-spicy fishballs (HKD6 each)
The Hongkies are crazy for these food.

 Fantastic deep fried large intestine (HKD7). Mamma Mia!

A must-try delicacy in HK - Stinky beancurd!

I mixed up all the sauce and dips available. The beancurd possessed a robust flavour but not really stinky.

Our tummies were half-filled with all those artery-clogging food by the time we tucked in all of them. We did not want to go back with just half the satisfaction so we hopped in the train to Jordan. We alighted at Parkes street and walked into 'Tai Pat Leong Kei' for another 'makan' round.

This shop does not impose any minimum charges so we ordered one set meal consisted of a bowl of steamed chicken rice and a dessert to be shared between us. (HKD 27)

Walnut soup (it reminded me of Hong Kee's Fa Sang Woo at Pasir Pinji)


  1. Miss the curry fish balls.. u ate all those intestines? wow... the far sang woo looks good too!

  2. Claire:
    I missed those food too...
    That's Hup Toh Woo (Walnut Soup) but tasted quite the same like Fa Sang Woo... Hehe



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