Friday, December 25, 2009

Hong Kong & Macau - Day 5 (Part 1: Nam Ping Coffee Shop, Macau)

 Macau looks pretty charming early in the morning. In this peaceful and quiet part of the city, I saw the settled way of life, retirees strolling in the park, young Macanese leading a simple and modest lifestyle.....

The street has a rather weird-sounding name -
Sap Yuet Chor Ng Yut Kai
(translated as 'Fifth of October Road')

As you walked along this narrow road, you will come to the oldest surviving coffee shop in Macau -
'Nam Ping Nga Chui'

This coffee shop is not well-known by tourists. However, you just need to mention the name of the coffee shop to any locals and they will be more than happy to guide you there. What's so special about this shop?

 Don't take the trouble to study the whole menu cause you are here for only one type of food - Sandwich!
 Fresh buns and rolls are available throughout the day.
 An authentic HK-styled coffee shop

Nothing interesting about their beverages. Once again, this is the oldest coffee shop so don't expect your tableware to come in a perfect condition.
Be it chipped, cracked or scratched, just accept what is given to you.

This is what you shouldn't miss - Char Siew and Egg Sandwich

The thick omelette looks really inviting

This is the main star - Nam Ping Sandwich
(Ham, Char Siew and Egg Sandwich)

This is the thickest ever sandwich I've seen.

These sandwiches are too good to miss...

When I was about to leave, a waiter appeared from upstairs with a tray of oven-fresh egg tarts. Too bad, there was hardly any rooms for them. Got to give it a miss.


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