Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hong Kong & Macau - Day 2

Good morning, Hong Kong!
It's breakfast time! What comes into your mind when you are in Hong Kong?
It's certainly DIM SUM! We proceeded to Tsim Sha Tsui to look for this highly reputable Dim Sum joint - Paramount Banquet Hall.
We ordered the normal type of morsels as we wanted to see how different they are from our Malaysian version. The chief waiter recommended us with their signature congee - Pei Dan Sau Yoke Chuk (Congee with Minced Pork and Century Egg). There is nothing special about this dish except for its smoothness. I doubt any of the restaurant chefs in Malaysia would be able to produce the same kind if texture with even a better taste.

Cheong Fun (Rice Roll) is undeniably good despite its ordinary look.
Thanks to its specially made soy sauce that enhances the flavour of the plain rice roll.
The steamed Char Siu Pau has a sweet and fragrant filling. Its well marinated pork filling has a good blend of both fat and lean meat. Every bite is a pleasurable experience.
If you think that this morsel tastes quite the same as our local version, then you will have to come to try it yourself. The siu mai is loaded with chunks of pork and chopped prawns, infused with five-spice powder and topped with some fresh looking crab roe. I was trying hard not to swallow it fast in order to pin the flavour of the sinful morsel into my mind as a long term memory.
Here comes a big basket of dumplings.

The chives dumpling is filled with crunchy chives, chopped water chestnuts, spring onions and shredded turnip.

Each appealing prawn dumpling comes with three huge prawns and is wrapped with a layer of translucent skin.
Deep fried spring roll.

Our next stop was Aberdeen fishing village. Aberdeen is well known for its floating seafood restaurants namely Jumbo and Tai Pak.

We took a boat ride from the jetty to take a good view of the whole Aberdeen fishing village. The boat lady was kind enough to give us a good description of the boathouses we saw during our ride.

This is Jumbo floating restaurant. It may look familiar to you as it makes a constant appearance in many television series and movies.

After visiting Aberdeen, we headed towards Lantau Island for a cable car ride to Ngong Ping Village.
The whole journey took from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping Village is about 25 minutes. I bet this is one of the longest cable car ride in Asia, if not the world.
We were welcomed by the unique design of the buildings in the village upon our arrival.

The famous Giant Buddha in Lantau Island is about 10 minutes walk from the village but we didn't make it there as evening was approaching.

We spent only 30 minutes in the village and quickly rushed back to the cable car station which was already crowded with people waiting to return to Tung Chung.
We reached Avenue of Star in time before the Symphony of Light started at 8 sharp.

The light show which carries 46 themes lasts for 15 minutes. Mum and I was amazed with the rays of light produced for this is such a brilliant job done by the Hongkies to attract tourists.

A breathtaking night view of Hong Kong Island.


  1. wah...your camera is very nice.. can capture the night scene..
    we went to the avenue of stars in the evening so we missed all that themes..or lightings.. it was not dark yet... cos we have to rush to the victoria peak after that...

  2. Claire:
    I bought a better lens before leaving for HK as advised by some frens who failed to capture the magnificent scene..

  3. Good photography maybe should learn something from you. I shall link my site with yours. Thanks.



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