Monday, December 7, 2009

Pan Meen or Mee Hoon Kueh?

When someone mentions about 'Pan Meen', what comes into you mind?

1. The ordinary wheat flour broad noodles being rolled out like a pastry sheet and later cut into strips using a pasta maker? or

2. The wheat dough being flattened and later torn into pieces of uneven shapes which is more commonly known as 'Mee Hoon Kueh' in the Southern region of Malaysia.

(I was very confused with the new terms of food when I arrived in Johor in my first year of service as different terms are used on many types of food which we used to be eating every day in Ipoh). Set a good example: don't be surprised to see curry noodles being served to you when you order laksa. When I ordered Fried Hokkien Noodles in KL, I was given the fat version of yellow noodles or better known as 'Tai Look Meen'. However, the fried Hokkien Mee in Johor actually means the ordinary yellow noodles fried with some clear soy sauce. Sounds confusing, huh?)

Recently, I discovered a place selling near perfect 'Pan Meen' in Medan Bistari Ipoh (the rows of new shophouses facing JPJ Ipoh). Be prepared to wait for 45 minutes as this place is usually packed with patrons who are always willing to wait for the vendor to prepare the noodles bowl by bowl. I particularly appreciate this style of cooking because this ensures a better quality of food when more time is used in preparation.

The shop occupies a corner lot thus it is effortless in locating for the shop.

The noodles comes with generous amount of anchovies, homemade fishballs (yue wart), mushroom slices, vegetables (Shu Chai Choy) and flavourful minced pork. Everything seems to be in extra large portion including the garnishing. The soup is so robust that I couldn't resist from finishing it till the last drop (watch out for the MSG content as the vendor is being very 'generous' on this as well).
The noodle is surprisingly smooth and being reasonably chewy. It is so good that you hardly get the gamey texture which we use to get from the other 'Pan Meen' stalls.
The homemade fishball melts my heart the moment it is bitten into. You will certainly ask for more.
Kafe Tim (Sun Sun Ka Feh Dim / New New Coffee Shop)
Medan Bistari Ipoh

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