Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hong Kong & Macau - Day 6 (Part 1: Kum Wah Coffee Shop)

I was always filled with longing to try the Polo bun at Kum Wah Coffee Shop and my dream finally came true! Mum and I got up early to prepare for our very first Disneyland tour. From our hotel in Yau Ma Tei, we walked along Sai Yeong Choi Street to reach Kum Wah coffee shop at Bute Street.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the buttery aroma of bread products from Kum Wah. I recognised the huge Polo buns placed in the glassy shelf instantly so I made a beeline for any unoccupied seats to place my order before the buns were all snapped.We had one plain Polo bun, one Polo bun with a slab of butter and an egg tart of course.

This coffee shop uses only 'Black and White Brand' evaporated milk in making their beverages, indicating a better quality of coffee and milk tea.


 Food of the day.

I wasn't attracted by these characters initially until the lady owner pointed to these characters to show off their their second most popular product - egg tarts

This is a very busy coffee shop during peak hours so sharing table is inevitable. I was just wondering if the Hongkies are able to scan through the whole menu in just seconds. I suppose the menu placed on every table doesn't really serve its purpose.

 Hong Kong Milk Tea - no comment as I'm not a milk tea person

 Hot fresh milk

The food arrived at summer lightning's speed. We couldn't wait to savour the bun the moment it appeared before us. I grabbed the bun in hand and bit into it, ignoring the presence (and function) of the fork completely. As expected, the Polo Bun was fantastic!

The enormous crust was extraordinary crunchy! Imagine when the cold butter melts lightly in the hot crusty bun followed by the melting of both the crust and butter inside your mouth, how heavenly it is......

 As for the highly-acclaimed egg tart, it was just okay and not really worth mentioning.

When I returned to Malaysia, I just couldn't help thinking of the Polo Bun over and over again. I wish I could be there once more to have another helping, and you will see me wolfing down more than one Polo Bun.

Kum Wah Coffee Shop
Bute Street, Mongkok.


  1. wah...polo girl likes.. the one in greentown kopithiam..she said very nice.. do u know any other places in ipoh selling this?

  2. Claire:

    Hmm... Old Town's not so good. Kim Gary serves better Polo bun, you can try the outlet in Mid Valley.



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